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Yhoaki helps promote everything handmade in order for you to get to know the Artisan work from various different parts in Mexico. 

I started this business because I wanted to get out of my daily same routine. I’m a wife and a mother 24 hours a day and we needed some extra money.  The main thing I wanted from my business was to promote the artisan industry of my native country Mexico. It is just the beginning for my small business, but little by little we will have more handmade products from different states of Mexico.

I feel very satisfied with my business because I’m helping other businesses like me, to achieve their dreams. Yhoaki is different from others because it helps out other growing businesses and gives us help back. This has helped me achieve my dream that I never thought I would have.

Ancla 1

"Meet Mayra Becerril of Yhoaki in Plano" 
Dec. 18, 2019

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